Presidential Campaign


Morsi’s Campaign Declares 52% Victory Based on Official Records from All Polling Stations

Having checked and rechecked ballot-count records, signed by judges in 100% of Egypt’s voting centers, Morsi’s campaign announces their candidate has definitely won 52% of the vote.

Morsi Campaign Refutes Media Lies and Fabricated News

Press Statement by Morsi Campaign Coordinator Ahmed Abdel-Aati

Morsi Campaign Hails April 6 Movement’s Endorsement of Morsi as Wise Decision

Dr. Morsi’s presidential campaign assures that Egypt’s political parties, groups and stakeholders have forged enduring national harmony that unites them all against corrupt former regime hangovers.

SPEC’s Failure to Investigate Shafiq’s Corruption Remains Puzzling

While Dr. Morsi’s campaign hails Egyptian judiciary’s role in safeguarding the free and fair nature of the presidential elections, question marks still hang on the elections panel for failing to

FJP Strongly Condemns Violence, Brutality Against Abbassiya Protesters

The FJP boycotts SCAF meeting today; denounces violence against peaceful sit-in; suspends Dr. Morsi’s presidential campaign in mourning of Abbassiya martyrs.

The Group: Band of outsiders

No other recent TV drama has courted the mammoth controversy that met Wahid Hamed’s “Al-Gama’a” (The Group).

Egypt: NDP Rivalries Emerge

Stephan Roll has a new piece on the fissures in Egypt’s ruling elite in the Carnegie Endowment’s Arab Reform Bulletin. According to Roll, the National Democratic Party’s leadership is divided

Hillary disappoints the Muslim world

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton worked tirelessly to earn her party's nomination, yet it was Barack Obama who rode to office on a wave of goodwill. Which means