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Brotherhood Condemns Media Persistence in Fabricating Fables to Tarnish its Image

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood denounces use of fake witnesses by private satellite TV stations to vilify the group, something they used to do for long decades – with little to show

Erian: Our Hands Are Extended to Build and safeguard This Homeland

Freedom and Justice party vice-chairman invites evidently losing presidential candidate Shafiq to concede defeat, in an honorable gesture that should greatly calm the turbulent waters of Egyptian politics.

Morsi Campaign’s Legal Team Submits 134 Electoral Complaints to Presidential Elections Committee

While Shafiq’s legal team reported 8 formal complaints of electoral ‘violations’, Morsi’s submitted 134, which it discussed with the elections committee earlier on Wednesday.

Mohamed Morsi Campaign Press Release (1) – Runoff Presidential Elections

Runoff voting started this morning in Egypt’s final round of the presidential elections, as Dr. Morsi’s Campaign calls upon the elections committee supervising the whole process to investigate violations and

Morsi Vows Nubians Return to Own Lands and Homes

Morsi assures that circulating reports about him saying that the Nubian people are a tiny minority are nothing but blatant lies and disgraceful smear tactics contrived by corrupt regime hangovers.

Ghozlan: Decision to Grant Intelligence and Military Police Arrest Powers a Restriction of Freedoms

A new step back into the dark dungeons of loathsome despotic times was significantly taken in a rush by Egyptian Cabinet, just before the Constitutional Court issues its rulings on

Beltagy: Shafiq’s Attempt to Cast Muslim Brothers as Murderers of Demonstrators Laughable

Brotherhood leader, Beltagy, files a complaint with Egypt’s attorney general against Ahmed Shafiq’s blatantly slanderous lies and false accusations made in a TV show.

Morsi in Obour Market: Era of Injustice, Repression and Despotism is Over

The Brotherhood’s presidential candidate pledges to make life easier for all traders in Egypt, especially market traders, who suffer several chronic problems which Dr. Morsi’s program has solutions for.

Morsi, Shafiq Face-Off Live on Egyptian Television, Tuesday June 12

Tuesday, June 12, the two presidential run-off contenders, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood’s candidate; and General Ahmed Shafiq, ousted Mubarak’s last Prime Minister, hold a televised elections debate of a