Presidential election


Amr Darrag: Egypt Change Only from Within

The FJP's Amr Darrag reiterates Egyptian revolutionaries' continued commitment to peaceful protest.

President Morsi and Freedom and Justice Party Congratulate Turkey, Erdogan on Elections Win

The office of President Morsi (now held captive by the military junta) sends a special congratulatory message to newly-elected Turkish President Erdogan.

Muslim Brotherhood: 90% of Egyptians Boycott Sham Presidential Election

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms 90% of the Egyptian people boycotted the blood ballot – the illegitimate presidential election; and regards the boycott as a slap in the face of the

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Mass Murderer Will Rule Egypt

As voting in the illegitimate presidential election begins across the country, patriotic Egyptians shun the blood ballot, leaving polling stations empty.

Muslim Brotherhood: Africa’s Egypt Stance Consistent with Democracy Principles

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood urges Western governments to commit to their own principles and apply their own laws as African states have done, and to stop interfering in Egypt's internal affairs.

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi Mandate Clearly Proves July 3 was Military Coup

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that the people will not be ruled over by a treasonous serial killer or controlled by a group of treacherous putschists, and will remain steadfast on

FJP Statement on the Opposition’s Systematic Acts of Violence Across Egypt

Translation of the Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Tuesday’s wave of co-ordinated criminal acts of arson, anarchy and vandalism.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Hussein: Opposition Does Not Believe in Democracy

Translation of Excerpts from the Muslim Brotherhood’s interview with the Egyptian newspaper ‘Akhbar Al-Youm’ on Saturday.

Freedom and Justice Party in Aswan: ‘Rebel’ Phony Opposition by Ousted Regime Holdovers

According to FJP leader Ahmed, Rebel movement is another manifestation of toppled Mubarak cronies and affiliates – another failing desperate attempt to undermine and destroy postrevolution democratic process.

Beltagy: Any Campaign for Change Should Be Translated in Democratic Process

Leading FJP and Brotherhood figure Beltagy urges absurd Rebel campaign to prove it is more than just a survey.