Presidential Elections


Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Congratulating People of Turkey for Successful Democratic Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood congratulates the great people of Turkey, the presidency, government, parties and civil society institutions, on the successful completion of the presidential and parliamentary elections in a great

Muslim Brotherhood: No Legitimacy for Tyrants

The great people of Egypt have spoken: "No legitimacy for a tyrant” as they boycotted the latest presidential election’s farce, which was sought by the military coup to reestablish the

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi is an Illegitimate President, Election is a Farce

 Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman, Dr. Talaat Fahmy, reiterated the group’s position regarding the so called “presidential elections” taking place in Egypt, where the coup leader, General Abdul Fattah al Sisi,

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Reiterating Full Rejection of Upcoming “Presidential Elections” in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms its unwavering position rejecting the military coup and any illegal measures taken by its authority, including the farce of the "presidential elections", which is an attempt

Egyptian “Presidential” Elections: The Dictator Runs Alone!

 Many say that so called “the re-election” of El Sisi, who is expected to announce his candidacy in the next few days, is conclusive and that the result will be

Opposition Campaign to Boycott 2018 Egyptian Elections

 A number of prominent politicians, activists, and journalists launched a campaign to boycott the upcoming 2018 elections by Sisi coup regime in Egypt.     Among signatories to campaign launching

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls For More Protests Against Fumbling Junta

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reiterates its commitment to complete the January 2011 Revolution, oust the junta and exact retribution from all coup criminals and collaborators.

Heshmat: Coup Parliament Elections Null and Void

Muslim Brotherhood leader Gamal Heshmat describes why Egypt junta's upcoming parliamentary elections will be just another illegitimate military operation.

Egyptian Parliament Sessions to be Held in Turkey

Egypt's legitimate lawmakers hold a press conference to announce resumption of parliament sessions in exile, in Turkey's capital Istanbul.

Anti-Coup Alliance Applauds Continued Success of Blood Ballot Boycott

Egypt's coalition of pro-legitimacy parties and groups hails the continued success of the ballot boycott battle in its second day.