Presidential Palace


President Morsi Rejects Second Prosecution Investigation; No Compromise on Legitimacy

First, there was the farcical investigation into a charge against President Morsi for allegedly inciting supporters to kill demonstrators outside his Itehadia Palace; now a ludicrous investigation into an implausible

Independent Judiciary Front Coordinator in Itehadia Trial Bombshell Revelations

Cairo – November 4, 2013: An Itehadia Presidential Palace incident 'insider' lawyer says the judiciary sentenced 5 thugs for violence in the clashes, now prosecutor excluded them from case, while

Itehadia Martyrs Families Reject Trial of President Morsi, Demand Arrest of Real Culprits

Families of revolutionaries who died in Itehadia Presidential Palace clashes seek real justice, refusing the false trial of President Morsi who sought a real investigation into the clashes.

Itehadia Presidential Palace Testimonies and Facts

On November 4, 2013, the coup-appointed government will "try" kidnapped President Morsi and his aides in criminal court on charges of conspiracy to kill protesters outside the Ittehadia Palace on

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls ‘Trial of Popular Will’ Week of Peaceful Protest Activities

Egypt’s anti-coup coalition of parties, groups and movements defending democracy and electoral legitimacy calls President’s Steadfastness day of peaceful protest activities Monday November 4.

Erian: All Egyptian Blood Sacred; Killers Must Be Brought to Justice without Delay

FJP deputy head Erian reaffirms that all blood is sacred, urging for murderers of four Egyptian Shiite Muslims in Giza to be fairly tried immediately.

Erian Calls for Strong Diplomatic Message to Secure Release of Egyptian Detainees in UAE

While Egypt appreciates previous honorable UAE stances, FJP leader Erian believes better communications are needed to effect the release of Egyptians detained in the UAE, without delay.

Beltagy: Former Regime Seeks to Perpetuate Violence; Dialogue and Consensus Essential

Muslim Brotherhood and FJP leading member Beltagy calls for more serious efforts to close ranks behind Egypt’s elected government in order to avoid more strife and bloodshed.

Freedom and Justice Party: Violence and Sectarian Strife Require Serious, Constructive Dialogue

FJP Secretary-General Ibrahim warns against igniting factional fights which can only destroy and burn the entire homeland.

Itehadia Incident Martyr Family Calls for National Reconciliation, Harmony

Itehadia Presidential Palace Martyr Mohamed Al-Husseini’s family insists on freedom and dignity for Egypt and all Egyptians, even if more sacrifices need to be made by legitimacy supporters.