Press freedom


MB: Holding Journalists Elections on Time Victory for Free Press

Mr. Ahmed Ezz Eddin, media spokesman for Muslim Brotherhood (MB) journalists, expressed his delight as the Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate announced Wednesday October 26 the date to hold elections for the

Wave of arrests of bloggers and activists

Reporters Without Borders condemned the 6 January 2011 arrests and disappearances of bloggers and online activists in a number of Tunisian cities.

World Freedom Day Turns into a Demonstration with Demands to expel Egyptian University Guards

Egyptian universities' celebrations on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day has shifted to organized protests demanding immediate implementation of the Supreme Administrative Court's decision to expel university guards.

Libya: 20 Detained Journalists released from Detention

According to news reports from Libya, the 20 journalists unlawfully detained by the Internal Security Agency (ISA) have been released in the late hours of Monday, 8th November 2010.

Breaking News: Airport Security Detains Ikhwanonline’s Chief Editor

Cairo’s airport security has detained Abdul Galeel Sharnoubi, editor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arabic website, Ikhwanonline, on his return from a media trip in Yemen.

Egyptian Clampdown on Press Freedom Gaining Pace

The 'free speech' spring in Egypt is nearing its end" was the headline of a report in Lebanese daily An-Nahar describing the sacking of noted, controversial media figures critical of

ANHRI condemns gov’t restrictions on freedom of expression

Deep resentment was expressed by The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information condemning the successive decisions restricting media freedoms in Egypt prior to the forthcoming public elections.

Gov’t restricts SMS messaging ahead of elections

New restrictions and regulations have been enforced by Egypt's National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in an attempt to increase control over the SMS messaging services available by mobile phone companies

UPDATE Egypt: Dismissal of Independent paper’s Chief Editor

News of the dismissal of Al- Dostour newspaper's chief editor Ibrahim Issa was posted earlier on the paper's electronic website.

Mubarak evades queries on successor

Egypt's 82 year old President Mubarak was bombarded with questions regarding his successor by press reporters during his visit to Italy on Wednesday