Prime Minister


FJP Leader Heshmat: Desperate Attempts to Overthrow Elected President Will Fail

While FJP leader Heshmat condemns illegitimate endeavors to oust Egypt’s President, elected only months ago, he reaffirms the country’s need for strong and effective opposition.

Health Minister: Full Hospital Security Top Priority

Egypt’s newly sworn-in Minister of Health pledges permanent and reliable solutions to the problems of attacks and assaults against doctors and staff inside the country’s hospitals.

Erian: Kandil Government Must Be Given Opportunity to Prove Excellence

Freedom and Justice leaders believe Mohamed Morsi has proven he is indeed President of all Egyptians, just as he pledged before recent elections.

Hamdi Qandil: Forming Cabinet is President Morsi’s Priority

Media figure Qandil affirmed that new Egyptian government will be formed soon, with an honorable national personality taking the post of Prime Minister, most probably to be announced Tuesday.

Egypt’s National Front Meets to Support True Partnership with Presidential Institution

Various parties, groups and movements making up the Egyptian national front meets in preparation for real endeavors to achieve the goals of the January 25 (2011) revolution as well as

Morsi and National Accord Front Vow to Keep Revolution Peaceful; Maintain Freedoms and Democracy

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, together with leading public and political figures, form a national unity front to face the ruling Military Council’s maneuvers to evade relinquishing power to the democratically elected

Press Statement by People’s Assembly Speaker about Dr. Ganzouri’s Recent Remarks

Egyptian Parliament Speaker, Dr. Katatni, responds to latest statements by Prime Minister Dr. Ganzouri in which he denies threatening Katatni with parliament dissolution.

US Delegation Mulls Over Business in Egypt Post-Revolution

Reiterating their commitment to Egypt’s market, in a roundtable meeting ahead of a US business delegation’s visit on June 8, members of the US-Egyptian Business Council, along with the US

National Dialogue attendees Disappointed

Saad al-Husseini, from the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, stated that although the group participated in the National Dialogue which spanned over a few days the conference was slightly disappointing.

Statement from the MB on the Encroachment on the Constituent Body in Charge of Drafting

The Constitution is the supreme law of the country; it is the document which determines the form of the State and its political and economic setting.