Prisoners of Conscience


Syria's Cultural Revolution

In their peaceful uprising young people have found art, comedy and music to be weapons Assad fears.

Supreme Council for Human Rights to Rectify Old Regime’s Mistakes

The Arab-European Centre for Human Rights and International Law in Oslo called on the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to grant amnesty to all political detainees.

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – IHRC welcomes the imminent release of Khairat Al-Shater

IHRC is delighted to hear about the imminent release of Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, after serving 4 years of a 7 year sentence. His release was

Update Alert: Egypt – Release of Khairat Al-Shater and Hassan Malek

IHRC gives warm-hearted congratulations for the imminent release of Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hassan Malek, businessman and member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

AECHRIL Calls for Release of Al-Shater, Malik, Suleiman

The Arab-European Center of Human Rights and International Law (AECHRIL) in Oslo calls the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to issue a a decree granting political amnesty to all

MB deputy Chairman El-Shater suffers heart attack following argument

Political prisoners languish under further restrictions while Mubarak regime prisoners are given preferential treatment.

Al-Qaradawi Calls for the Exclusion of Al-Ghannouchi from the Interim Government

Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradawi, president of the World Federation of Muslim Scientists, stressed that he does not wish that the new government in Tunisia is formed by Al-Ghannouchi.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on MB International Networking Case

At a time when Egyptians are living in critical moments, suffering distress and are in the darkest circumstances because of the regime's repressive practices, and at a time when all

Six Former MB MPs Arrested and Houses Raided

Security forces raided the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary headquarters in Sharqeya Sunday afternoon arresting 6 MB high ranking members including Executive Bureau member Dr. Mohyee Hamed.

Rights Groups challenge Egypt’s 30 year Emergency Law

Egypt's emergency law has been imposed for nearly three decades by President Mubarak following his coming into power after President Sadat's assassination in 1981