Political Detainees in the New Minya Prison Brutally Assaulted by Special Security Forces

The association of the new Minya Liman prison detainees’ families revealed that the special Cbroke into cell No. 8, ward No. 3, and stripped the detainees of their clothes, food

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Prisoners’ Day

The Prisoners’ Day, on April 17, is no longer a day for Palestinian prisoners alone. It has become an important occasion for the hundreds of thousands of freedom fighters languishing in

Renowned Scholar Qaradawi: Islam Urges Humane Treatment of All Prisoners

According to highly-respected Muslim scholar Dr Qaradawi, Islam prohibits cruelty to prisoners of war and all humans in general.

Political Prisoners Plea from Tanta Main Jail

As a group of Muslim Brotherhood youths inside Tanta Prison are brutally beaten and led away to an unknown location, the notorious jail's inmates demand better treatment and detention conditions.

‘The Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms’ Slams Abu Zaabal Massacre Trials

Rights group warns that using minor officials as escape-goats and the absence of credible investigations will repeat the catastrophe of frivolous lawsuits against killers of January 25 revolutionaries.

Egypt Lawyer: More than 140 Underage ‘Political Prisoners’ Detained in Coup Jails

El-Zayat, prominent lawyer and head of the ‘National Committee for the Defense of Prisoners of Conscience’, is baffled by the number of juvenile detainees held in the putschists’ prisons in

Former Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mahdi Akef Health Deteriorating in Detention

Under military rule, anti-coup Egyptians are arrested on contrived charges, thrown in jail without trial, put in solitary confinement simply out of spite, and their essential health needs are completely

Rights Group: Eight Thousand Detainees in Egypt Since Beginning of Military Coup

Prominent lawyers and legal professionals launch ‘National Committee for the Defense of Detainees’ to represent and defend political prisoners before Egypt’s courts.

‘Coup Crime Watch’ Demands Justice For Detainees in Putsch Prisons

Egypt’s Coup Crime Watch group holds putschist authorities responsible for all mistreatment and inhumane conditions political detainees suffer in their prisons.

President Morsi Releases 572 Military-Court Detainees in First Presidential Pardon

Endeavoring to free all civilians jailed by court-martial since the revolution, after careful consideration by a special committee formed for the purpose, newly-inaugurated President Morsi pardons 572 internees.