REPORT: 26 Mothers Inside Sisi Prisons Separated from Their Children

The regime of dictator General el Sisi continues its crimes against Egyptians and human rights violations in view of the silence of the international community, and the international institutions, which

More Anti-Coup Arrests Including Member of Sharqeya Detainees Defense Team

Military junta security forces in Sharqeya arrested three dissidents, who reject the coup, in Derb-Nagm town and nearby villages, including a member of the area’s detainees defense team, after raiding

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition: Junta Prisons Hide Many Tortured Esraas

Anti-Coup women alliance urges all Egyptians and the world community to actively support efforts to free women and girls incarcerated and tortured by the repressive coup regime for no crime

Egyptian Mosaab Ramadan Languishes in UAE Prisons More Than 354 Days

As Mosaab is subjected to enforced disappearance and torture, though he committed no crime, UN specialist bodies must intervene to secure his release.

Revolutionary Coalition Condemns Hunt, Detention of Egyptian Women

Egypt's revolutionary women coalition denounces the coup regime's relentless campaign of terror and brutality against women of Egypt.

Central Asia

Militant Islamism is flourishing in the forgotten prisons of the former Soviet Republics, one that is starting to pose a threat to the entire region, writes Robert Templer, Asia Programme

Morsy calls on media to concentrate reports on Regime’s corruptions and scandals

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Press Spokesman for the MB movement, extended his appreciation and thanks to the media and press who troubled themselves enough to report information on the recent incidents

Prisons in Egypt

Sadly human rights violations by Egyptian police and security forces are today all too common and have beginnings well beyond the time of Nasser. This long sordid history of abuse

A parliamentary question on the hidden files of torture

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, aimed a question to the Prime Minister and Ministers of Justice and the Interior, On the report which cleared