Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘Fulfilling the Revolution’ Protest Week

Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition reiterates that Egypt's current predicament and crises can only be solved through completion of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, in order to oust the military junta

More Coup Opponents Court-Martialed, imprisoned –Including Woman

Yet another coup military court sentences five pro-democracy Egyptians to various prison terms, in addition to fines of LE250,000 (US$33,000).

Egypt Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: Reign of Terror Will End Soon

The broadbased nationwide coalition of anti-coup groups and parties in Egypt renews pledge to persist in peaceful protest until ultimate triumph.

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Rejects Calls to Arm Revolution

The nationwide coalition of anti-coup parties in Egypt vows continued commitment to chosen strategy of peaceful defiance in the face of fascist military oppression.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Official Source: Still Committed to Peacefulness, Reject Violence

Egypt's broadbased pro-legitimacy coalition reiterates commitment to non-violence and accuses the ruling military junta of causing security chaos.

Egyptians Condemn Unfair Trials of Detained Journalist Mohsen Radi

One of hundreds of fair-minded journalists arbitrarily arrested and detained in the most inhuman conditions by coup authorities, Mohsen Radi faces a list of the usual trumped-up charges.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails ‘Egypt No Military Camp’ Protest Week Kick-Off

Egypt's anti-Coup coalition vows to continue peaceful protest until the will of the sovereign people is respected and legitimacy restored.

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Egypt No Military Camp’ Week of Escalating Peaceful Defiance

Under the coup's military rule, the sovereign people of Egypt have become prisoners of war, and all manifestations of Islam are fought publicly by the repressive regime and brutal security

Sana Beltagy: Execution Sentences Vindictive, Punish January 25 Revolution Icons

After announcing he'd postpone sentencing 14 symbols of Egypt's January 25 (2011) popular Revolution, a judge surprises everyone by issuing verdict to execute all defendants without due process.

National Alliance Calls ‘Freedom for Egypt’ Week of Continued Peaceful Anti-Coup Resistance

Egypt's pro-democracy nation-wide coalition against the coup denounces horrific abuses against girls in detention, and calls for a new revolutionary week.