ANHRI: Mubarak Behind Bars Lesson to All Dictators in the Region

Statement by the Arab Human Rights Network Informations (ANHRI), following the opening session of former president Mubarak's trial

Rights Group Raises Doubts About Mubarak’s Trial

On the eve of former president Mubarak's trial, the Arab Network for Human Rights Informations (ANHRI) criticized gov't plans to bring former regime's figures to justice and questioned the integrity

As Protests Continue, Egyptians Determined to Fulfill Revolution’s Demands

Egyptian activists appeared determined to continue their protests untill the ruling military council addresses outstanding demands left unfulfilled from the January 25th Revolution.

MB Continues Struggle for Egyptians’ Rights

The July 8th demonstration was originally a message for'constitution first', but it is also calling for justice, as Egyptians are outraged over the acquittal of Mubarak's ministers as well as

Egyptian Revolution Remembers its Theoretician, Abdul-Wahab Al-Messiri

"Al-Messiri: the absent yet present one in the Egyptian revolution", under this title, a symposium was held at the Press Syndicate in Cairo two days ago to celebrate the third

FJP Joins Friday’s Protests in Tahrir Sqaure

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has announced it will join protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday July 8th Day of Perseverance.

Human Rights Condemn Slow Pace of Trials

Nearly twenty human rights groups in Egypt have called for the speedy trial of snipers and killers of protesters,

MB Warns against Counter Revolution and Amnesty

The Muslim Brotherhood's Tuesday seminars held in governorates nationwide urged Egyptians to protect the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak from those who might try to pervert it for their own

Mubarak Accused of Accumulating Wealth in Arms Deals

According to judicial sources the ousted President Hosny Mubarak will be questioned over wealth acquired through arms deals by a military prosecutor.

Mubarak and Sons Referred to Criminal Court

As protestors demands are voiced louder, Egypt's chief prosecutor appeases the nation by referring the former President Hosni Mubarak and his sons to criminal court to be tried on charges