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Muslim Brotherhood Marks Start of New Islamic Hijri Year

The Muslim Brotherhood congratulates the Muslim nation, especially the Egyptian people, as they mark the beginning of the new Hijri year, the 1439th since the noble Prophet Mohamed’s migration from

Muslim Brotherhood Warns Israel of Consequences of Irresponsible Acts

Muslim Brotherhood statement accuses Israel of spreading chaos, terror and aggression in the heart of the Arab world, and of seeking to partition Arab countries in order to gain full

Qaradawi compares MB and Salafists outlook on politics

Following the January 25 People’s revolution the surfacing of Salafi groups who have normally kept away from politics has been witnessed with clear intentions of becoming involved in the political

Al-Azhar condemns honoring of Danish cartoonist and threat to burn Qurans

Heated reactions continue throughout the Islamic world towards the participation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a ceremony honoring the Danish cartoonist who so outraged Muslims all over the world

MB urges US Government to prevent Quran burning event

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) media spokesperson, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, condemned the grave decision by a Florida church to host a Quran burning ceremony on September 11, 2010, to commemorate the ninth

Tormenting the dead

In a typical move, Israel is building a "museum of tolerance" right on top of an ancient Muslim cemetery, writes Khaled Amreyah

The Book That Shaped the World

At a time when the world sank to its lowest, oppression and tyranny exceeded all limits, human beings were enslaved by arrogant kings and emperors, and women lost their human

The Internet and a gun

Comments sections on websites have become the catalyst for ignorance and hate. Everyday, there are people who must be searching the Internet for articles written about their “favorite” subjects for

A reading in Gilad Shalit’s Video

Since the airing of Gilad Shalit’s video people have been wondering about how well he looked for someone who's been in captivity for over three years.

The Muslim Brotherhood Does Not Support Female Circumcision

The opposition of some Muslim Brotherhood MPs to the latest law criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) should not be misinterpreted as to suggest the Muslim Brotherhood supports FGM.