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Worried About The Future, Mr. Akef’s Interview With Al-Ahram Weekly

The Muslim Brotherhood"s Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef remains defiant in the face of a major security clampdown. The arrests of Brotherhood members, he tells Amira Howeidy, will not alter their

People Voted For The MB and Gov’t Should Give Them Chance

Egyptian Actor Nour Al Sherif said that the history of the Muslim Brotherhood is clear and that it targeted in the past, only  occupiers. 

Egypt: Police Arrests 20,Including Children, After Prayers

In a bizarre incident, police randomly arrested more than 20 people in Fayoum governorate right after they finished performing Eid (Feast) Prayers. The Detainees, including several minors as youg as

MB proposes celebrating Isra’ and Miraj as a day for the Aqsa Mosque

The influential Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Saturday urged the entire Muslim Ummah to consider the anniversary of the Isra’ and Miraj as an international day for supporting the Aqsa Mosque.

Call for Reconciliation

The Muslim world is rightfully furious about the humiliation of Prophet Mohamed, PBUH, by the reprehensible caricatures published in a Danish newspaper and fueled by extremist right wing groups in