Rights Organization Condemns Continued Detention of Egypt Women

Afro-Arab Center for Freedoms and Human Rights slams the military coup regime in Egypt for its relentless campaign of arbitrary arrest and detention of Egyptian girls and women for political

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Condemns Violence, Junta Practices in Egypt

After two years of bloody military coup against the democratically elected government – through fair elections as recognized and reaffirmed by the coup commander himself in several international forums, Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Coup and Consequent Processes, Actions Void

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Badie condemns the putschists' courts and prosecution service as illegitimate tools in the hands of a repressive military junta.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Authorities Banning Lawyer Visits to President Morsi

Having abducted the legitimate President of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the junta is now keeping him incommunicado at an unknown location, refusing to let his lawyers see him.

FJP Secretary-General: Some Try to Discard or Cover Up Cases Public Prosecutor Has Opened

Accepting bribes are certainly the least significant crimes committed by certain individuals who are doing their worst now to remove Egypt’s newly-appointed Public Prosecutor.

Freedom and Justice Party Calls on April 6 Movement to Reconsider Positions

As so-called opposition forces resort to meaner, more violent and plain-down-right immoral tactics, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, warns of impending total ethical meltdown.

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Siege of Egypt Public Prosecutor HQ

Political opposition parties that strongly criticized pro-government siege of the Mubarak-appointed Constitutional Court now lay siege to the Public Prosecutor office building.

Freedom and Justice Party Respects Judicial Rulings; Assures People Power Above All

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, issues a statement reiterating respect for court decisions, while reminding that the people are the source of power.

Brotherhood Lawyer Lodges Legal Complaint Against 169 Persons for Moqattam Attacks

Muslim Brotherhood top lawyer Abdel-Maksoud submits 54 video clips and 155 photographs by way of evidence against dozens of political and other figures who called Friday protests.

Salafi Call Supports Freedom and Justice Party; Demands Investigation into Mosque Sieges

Powerful Islamist group ‘Salafi Call’ urges all parties, Islamist and non-Islamist, to show solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP against protest violence that threatens political life.