Egypt Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: Reign of Terror Will End Soon

The broadbased nationwide coalition of anti-coup groups and parties in Egypt renews pledge to persist in peaceful protest until ultimate triumph.

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Rejects Calls to Arm Revolution

The nationwide coalition of anti-coup parties in Egypt vows continued commitment to chosen strategy of peaceful defiance in the face of fascist military oppression.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Official Source: Still Committed to Peacefulness, Reject Violence

Egypt's broadbased pro-legitimacy coalition reiterates commitment to non-violence and accuses the ruling military junta of causing security chaos.

Anti-Coup National Alliance: Youth are Pillar of Revolution, Homeland and Future

Egypt’s coalition of parties opposed to the coup calls all citizens to positively participate in a peaceful Friday (September 20) protest and a whole week of demonstrations under the banner

Rafiq Rules Out Copts Planned Violent Clashes With Military

Coptic thinker, Dr. Rafiq Habib, vice-president of the Freedom and Justice Party (political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood), ruled out possibility that there were amongst Copts some who deliberately pushed

A song to start something: the Arab Spring’s greatest hits

The sound of the revolution starts ominously, a long, dreadful note rising before the lyrics begin. "Today I speak fearlessly on behalf of the people / crushed by the weight

Demonstrators call for Mubarak’s investigation

Tens of people have protested in Tahrir Square calling for the official resignation of former President Mubarak, and bringing him to a military trial before all the Egyptian people and

Egypt – How Did We Get Here?

History is being made in Egypt. What is happening now is undoubtedly a popular revolution against a dictatorship that has been stifling Egyptians for decades.

MB Youth, January 25 Activists Hope it Will Be the Start of Significant Change

Once the Muslim Brotherhood announced their participation in the Day of Rage protest scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th, Brotherhood bloggers promoted a banner across Facebook pages entitled "I'm a MB

Egypt Revolution – In the Shadow of Tunisia

January 25 is Police Day in Egypt, a commemoration of the resistance by Islamailiya police against the British in 1952 during which 41 police officers were killed.