Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egyptian Islands Court Ruling.

 The Administrative Court issued its ruling affirming Egypt’s entitlement to the red sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir sold by the treasonous coup regime in a traitorous deal that betrayed

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Enough’ Friday, Reminding: Rabaa Rights Will Not Die

Urging more demonstrations to protest coup regime repression and failings, Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition says its initiative for revolutionary unity (without abandoning martyrs' rights) is still open for all patriotic parties,

Anti-Coup Alliance in Beni Suef: Junta Forces Kill 3 Citizens in Cold Blood Monday

Egypt's National Alliance Statement: Military regime forces kill three anti-coup people in Beni Suef with the beginning of the sixth year of the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

Anti-Coup Alliance in Sharqeya Condemns Brutal Security Raid of President Morsi Birthplace Adwa

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Egypt's Sharqeya Province pledges peaceful protests and resistance until end of repressive military rule, despite Friday's brutal security raid on Adwa village by Interior Ministry and army

Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Revolution Until Victory’ Wave of Peaceful Popular Protests

With the military junta in Egypt committing yet more atrocities every day, the January (2011) Revolution is reinvigorated with more disillusioned people joining the march for change, for democracy, for

Beheira Brotherhood Slams Latest Military Court Sentences Against 500 Civilians

 The Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Beheira (to the north west of Cairo) condemns the politicized sentences issued by a military court in the fake "Burning of Beheira Town Hall"

Interview with Egypt’s Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's short interview with his son Osama.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Announces New Offices

With ERC elections concluded, the council announces its new set up.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement Calls ‘Revolt Against Murderous Putschists’ Friday

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issues a statement urging the men and women of the Egyptian Revolution to rise against the murderers of Egypt youths in a 'Down with the

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Urges Patriotic Egyptians to Persist in Peaceful Protests

Broadbased coalition of parties and groups opposed to the illegitimate military coup in Egypt stresses that the Revolution is the only way to avoid civil war.