Egypt: Student Protests in Support of Jerusalem Continue

 Egypt’s universities students continued their protests against US’s decision regarding Jerusalem where Al Azhar University, as well as Zagazig and Sohag University, have witnessed several protest activities in support of

Protests in Cairo and Other Cities Across Egypt Continue Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Severals Arrested

 Protests in Cairo and Other Cities Across Egypt Continue Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Severals Arrested  Three days after the US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,

Human Rights NGO: 2978 Killed Outside the Law Since 2013

Rights organization (ECRF) reveals that the military coup regime has killed 2978 from July 2013 and until June 2016.

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls ‘Why So Quiet?’ Week of Peaceful Protests

Broadbased anti-coup coalition urges Egyptians to be inspired by the Turkish people and rise again against the Sisi junta's horrific atrocities and massive failures.

Muslim Brotherhood Remembers Mansoura Massacre of Women, Girls in Peaceful Protest

 Today (Wednesday), we mark the third anniversary of the Mansoura massacre of women and girls (of July 20, 2013), which claimed the lives of four women and girls, and injured

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Day of Treacherous Military Coup

 Three years have passed since the military junta’s bloody coup in Egypt, which crushed the nascent democratic experience that followed the January 2011 Revolution, and trampled popular will and all

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman to Coup Regime in Egypt: Who Are the Terrorists?

The Muslim Brotherhood's Media Spokesman asserts that the junta are the real terrorists in Egypt, not the Muslim Brotherhood whose members have suffered mass murders, continued extrajudicial killings, torture and

Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance: Returning to Liberty Squares

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Cairo announces 40 meeting points around the capital for Egyptians to gather and launch mass anti-coup rallies.

Egypt Youth Groups Statement 2 – Revolution in the Square

The second press release from the unified Egyptian youth groups in relation to preparations for forthcoming January 25 mass protests.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptians Paying for Sisi’s Selling Out of Egypt Historical Nile Water Share

 To the patriotic people of Egypt and the great revolutionaries… Almost thirty whole months have passed and you are still standing steadfast, in your prisons and in liberty squares across