Public Prosecutor


Anti-Coup National Alliance Statement Condemns Putschists’ Constitutional Amendments

Egypt’s military madness brushes aside the national charter ratified by popular referendum only months ago, only to provide a new ‘polished’ version more suitable for its dubious purposes.

Torture and Ill-Treatment of Pro-Legitimacy Detainees at Two Egypt Prisons

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy National Alliance's human rights committee statement on the detention conditions of protesters rounded up in Alexandria and Cairo in recent weeks.

Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement on Utter Lies Published in Ahram Newspaper

State-owned national newspaper Al-Ahram publishes false news and misinformation claiming President Morsi has been charged with various crimes later denied by authorities.

Legal Expert: Appeals Court Rules Out Return of Old Public Prosecutor

Appeal court judgment confirms sacking of both old and new Public Prosecutors, leaving post open for a new judge yet to be chosen as per Constitution.

Beltagy: ‘Ikhwanization’ Term Used Against Attempts to Meet Revolution Demands

FJP leader Beltagy affirms that while President Morsi is surrounded by Mubarak-era top officials, some individuals have the audacity to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of a power grab.

Howeidi Reveals Treachery Behind Independent Newspapers’ Anti-Brotherhood Campaign

A revealing look behind the scene, inside Egyptian privately-owned newspapers that have been intensifying their war against the Brotherhood since Mubarak’s ouster.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Public Prosecutor Forced Resignation

Chanting in delight after marching into the Public Prosecutor’s office and forcing him to hand them his resignation, a group of Egyptian judges seem to entirely ignore their professional principles

Security Forces Raid House of MB Leader in Beheira

Security forces raided the house of Muslim Brotherhood leader Yaser Abdul Rafee in the governorate of Beheira early Wednesday morning

Liberties Committee slam security’s assaults on women and children

The Liberties Committee of the Egyptian Lawyers' Syndicate condemned the fierce security forces' attacks against women and children of the Muslim Brotherhood members during the large-scale arrest campaigns by security

Upholding the Imprisonment Sentence of Blogger Wael Abbas, Six Months In Jail

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information demanded the Egyptian government to discontinue persecuting Abbas and to stop devising methods to inhibit him from exposing the Egyptian government scandals. ANHRI