Renowned Scholar Qaradawi: Islam Urges Humane Treatment of All Prisoners

According to highly-respected Muslim scholar Dr Qaradawi, Islam prohibits cruelty to prisoners of war and all humans in general.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Urges Continued Non-Violent Defiance

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition vows to continue support for the student movement’s peaceful struggle and to escalate revolutionary activities.

Neo-Fascism Challenges Pro-Morsi Pro-Democracy Egyptians

Columnist Fahmi Howeidi describes exclusionary measures and atrocities by security services and certain politicians against the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi and democratic and constitutional legitimacy as

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Details Syria Support Events and Activities

In solidarity with the Syrian people, the Muslim Brotherhood will attend demonstrations, sit-ins and other events across Egypt in a whole ‘Syria Solidarity’ week that starts Thursday, June 13.

Egypt: FJP Launches Official Party Newspaper

Last Thursday (20/October/2011), the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) rolled out the first (test run) edition of its newspaper, bearing the party's name.

Qaradawy Praises MB Efforts for Peaceful Change

Head of the International Union of Muslim scholars, Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi, commended the Muslim Brotherhood's call for peaceful reform, describing it as a fine example of tolerance and moderation for

Do Islamists need a way out?

The Case of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in Islam and Politics: Renewal and Resistance in the Muslim World, Stimson Regional Voices, Henry L. Stimson Center Washington, 2009, pp 3-16].

Statement By the Int’l Union of Muslim Scholars Concerning Events in Syria

The International Union of Muslim Scholars called for the cessation of the killing of the Syrian people, and starting a genuine response to the legitimate demands for freedom, dignity and

Qaradawi compares MB and Salafists outlook on politics

Following the January 25 People’s revolution the surfacing of Salafi groups who have normally kept away from politics has been witnessed with clear intentions of becoming involved in the political

Qaradawi: The war on Gaddafi is not a crusade

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars: criticised Gaddafi’s description of the airstrike as a Crusade.