Caught in the Web

A widely popular Islamic website has been, until very recently, an undisputed success story. IslamOnline arrived at a time that millions of Muslims needed a common platform and a unifying

Website workers defiant after boss dismissed

Employees at a popular Cairo-based Islamic website have vowed to continue their strike and launch a fundraiser to build a new site "to promote moderate Islam" after Qatar installed an

Bitter religious rivalry in the air

SOME 300 journalists and other staff at IslamOnline, a popular website on Muslim affairs, have been staging a three-week sit-in that has captivated Arab media.

Islamonline is Offline

Not many people thought that events at the Islamonline foundation would evolve in such a dramatic way. While many viewers of this colossal site are saddened as a result of

Islamonline employees address the Qatari TV channel AlJazeera: Treat us the same as you treat

Employees of the Islamic website Islamonline strongly deplore and disapprove the occupational bias on Al Jazeera's coverage of the crisis which erupted between the staff in Cairo and the Qatar-based

A Statement Clarifying the Real Situation at

The website has enjoyed editorial independence from its birth, by extricating its editorial content from its funding and sponsorship.

Ousted Islamonline’s employees launch new website.

The launching of a new website project titled "Alam Al-Umma" or "Islamic Nation Information," was revealed after the website Islamonline's employees were unjustly relieved from their positions on the website

Qatar Ministry removes Qaradawi, hope from Islam Online workers

Islam Online founder and ardent supporter of his employees, was out and a temporary board established by the Gulf country’s ministry of social affairs had been set up.

E-Campaign for Supporting IslamOnline

For the second week, IslamOnline employees’ open strike continues against the policies of the new administration in Qatar which includes its efforts to shut down the broadcasting of the site

Islam Online dilemma getting ugly as board takes over website

The new administration at Islam Online has already attempted to force out hundreds of employees this week, with the journalists, editors and workers staging a sit-in at their offices in