Pro-Democracy Alliance in Qena: Interior Ministry Responsible for Ill Political Prisoners Life

In yet another flagrant violation of human rights, junta prison authorities deliberately deny a political prisoner urgent medical treatment for life-threatening illness.

Egypt Jails Mean Slow Death for Political Detainees

Islamists, leftists and all opposition face unjustified inhuman neglect and squalor that kill dozens every year across Egypt.

Martyrs and Wounded Fall as Thugs Ambush Pro-Morsi Mass Rallies in Egypt Provinces

Hundreds of citizens, peacefully protesting old regime and opposition violence across Egypt, are repeatedly attacked, injured and killed by hired thugs.

FJP Press Release # 8,First Phase – Shura Council Elections Results

Judicial committees overseeing the re-election in Menoufia and Qena provinces in Egypt have announced the results for the first phase of the Shura Council elections 2012,

FJP Wins 45.2% In Shura Council Elections, Phase I

Judicial committees supervizing Shura elections have announced that the candidate lists of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – the Democratic Alliance – have won the highest number of votes

FJP Press Release (49), Egyptian Legislative Elections (Third Phase, Deferred Elections)

The first day of the parliamentary elections’ third-stage deferred voting has come to an end in the first constituency of Qaliubiya governorate (Mohsen Yousef Radi, Hani Gad Fahim Gad), the

FJP Press Release # 48, Results of North Cairo First District Rerun

The HEC announced the results of the winners competing for the party list and individual seats in the postponed first phase in the North Cairo First district.

FJP Denies Coordinating With Candidates Outside DA in the Runoff

Elections kicked off in the runoff for the third and last round of the parliamentary elections Tuesday morning.

PM Suspends Qena Governor Activities for three months

In order to quell protest Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has announced the freezing of the activity of newly appointed Qena governor Emad Shehata Mikhail for three months.