Aza Al-Garf, Strong Voice in New Parliament Advocating Women Rights

During an international press conference following the 2010 parliamentary elections which were marred by vote-rigging and before the January revolution, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate for the women's quota Aza Al-Garf

MB Will Field New Faces in the Upcoming Elections

Saad El-Husseini of the MB’s Executive Bureau stated that a change in the candidates running for the upcoming parliamentary elections is 50% more than the last elections.

MB receive acquittal to slogan case

An Alexandria court ruled in favour of 14 Muslim Brotherhood members who were accused of using the religious motto “Islam is the solution” during the 2010 parliamentary elections.

PA Speaker: A Unified Law for Houses of Worship and Coptic Quota a Fabricated Lie

Dr. Fathi Sorour, Speaker of the People's Assembly and a leading National Democratic Party (NDP) figure, denied that parliament had received a bill on a unified law for building places

Al Jazeera Correspondent Issued Fifteen Day Renewed Detention Order

Al Jazeera's correspondent Badr Mohamed Badr was issued a 15 day renewed detention order by Prosecution in the 6th of October constituency.

Nazra for Feminist Studies: Egypt’s NDP Foils Women’s Quota and Captures Seats as a Result

Nazra for Feminist Studies, member in the Independent Coalition for Election Observation, released a special statement about women on Election Day to choose a Member of Parliament.

Rafiq Habib: Absence of Rules that Promotes Fair Election Process Triggered MB to Boycott

Rafiq Habib, prominent Coptic Christian expert on Islamist movements, said the Brotherhood's decision to boycott the run-off elections scheduled to be held on December 5, was a patriotic decision made

Brotherhood woman candidate confident about electoral bid

Bushra al-Samny, the Muslim Brotherhood female candidate in Alexandria, is confident that she is going to win the woman quota seat in Alexandria in the 28 November parliamentary elections.