Rabaa Al-Adaweya


Egypt Student Movement Continues Peaceful Revolution Against Coup

Student movement holds a series of nonviolent demonstrations across Egypt, notwithstanding the military-installed government’s murderous repression.

Multilingual Website Devoted to R4BIA Sign Now Running

The anti-coup sign which is quickly spreading across the globe now has its own multilingual website explaining its birth and meaning: www.r4bia.com

Rabaa Massacre Eyewitness Account-Tamer’s Story

An eyewitness to the putschists' latest massacre tells the story of his good friend who died at the hands of security forces.

Escape from Hell – A Rabaa Medic’s Testimony of Bloody Massacre

The harrowing account of a Rabaa Al-Adaweya doctor, an eyewitness to the mass killing, destruction and mayhem caused by so-called security forces as they stormed the hospital and burnt it

Egypt’s Blood, America’s Complicity

FOR millions of Egyptians still reeling from the shock of Wednesday’s state-led massacre, which killed at least 600 peaceful protesters and possibly many more, the questions are now very basic:

Statement: Friday of Rage

(Cairo, Friday, August 16)- Despite our deep pain and sorrow following the August 14 Rabaa massacre and others committed since the bloody coup, the crimes of the coup regime have

Statement from the ‘Media Professors Against the Coup Front’

Media Professors Against the Coup Front, which includes a number of the finest and most renowned media professors in all Egyptian universities, calls on all Egyptians to boycott hostile, biased

List of Live Streaming Links of Current Anti-Coup Protests

List of Live Streaming Links of Current Anti-Coup Protests

List of Starting Locations for Friday’s Rallies in Cairo and Giza

(Cairo-July 24, 2013)- Below is a map of planned million-man marches titled "bringing down the coup" to be held on Friday, July 26, after Jumaa Prayer (12:15pm) in Cairo and

Student and FJP Leaders Reject Coup Government, Vow to Continue Protests Untill Democracy Restored

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, and students gathered in the huge pro-democracy, pro-legitimacy sit-in in East Cairo’s Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square refuse to recognize the illegitimate putschist cabinet.