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Egypt Provinces Mass in Cairo in ‘ProDemocracy, AntiCoup’ Friday Peaceful Protests

Supporters of President Morsi and constitutional legitimacy plan a million-man march and rally in Cairo tomorrow (Friday July 12).

Muslim Brotherhood, FJP: Premeditated Massive Extermination of Peaceful Protesters

Wholesale senseless slaughter by police and army forces of unarmed protesters praying outside the republican guard HQ kill and wound over a thousand pro-Morsi demonstrators at dawn Monday.

Brutal Massacre Outside Republican Guard HQ Kills and Wounds 1100 Peaceful Protesters

An unprecedented merciless cold-blooded massacre by Egyptian police and army against protesters praying at dawn outside the presidential guard compound murders women and children, including suckling infants.

Tunisia: Ennahdha Statement on early-morning putschist massacres against protesters in Egypt

Ennahdha Statement on massacres committed by putschists against protesters in Egypt this morning

Brotherhood Leader Gazzar and 82 Morsi Supporters Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh

The vengeful campaign of arbitrary arrests and detentions against all pro-democracy citizens rages on, with hundreds of innocent people thrown in dark dungeons just like in the darkest days of

Millions of Egyptians Rise Up Against Coup; Republican Guard Massacre Peaceful Protesters

Systematic brutality, widespread atrocities and plain downright bloody massacres are back on the streets of Cairo and all provinces across Egypt as security forces face unarmed demonstrators with live bullets.

Ahmed Aref: Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Peaceful Protest, Self-Restraint

In a speech Thursday, Brotherhood spokesman Aref assures that despite all the brutal repression and excessive violence that killed and injured thousands of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi demonstrators across Egypt, the Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood: We Are No Advocates of Violence; We Protected January Revolution

Egypt’s Brotherhood spokesman Aref assures that the group will never accept violence as a means of political persuasion.

Ministry of Health Announces 20 Dead, 380 Wounded in Massacre of Pro-Morsi Demonstrators

A massacre of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi demonstrators, described as the second ‘Battle of the Camel’, armed thugs attacked a march with machine guns, as police forces fired teargas canisters at the

Muslim Brotherhood News Conference at Rabaa Al-Adaweya Mosque 7:30PM Monday

Brotherhood Chairman Badie reaffirms there is a determined and increasingly desperate attempt to overthrow democracy and re-produce the corrupt Mubarak regime in postrevolution Egypt.