The Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre

 Over the past few years, our beloved country, Egypt, had witnessed great events, which left its profound effects on the present and future of the country, combining great hopes with

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Death Sentences Against 75 Political Prisoners and Figures

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms its rejection and condemnation of the death sentences issued today [July 28] against the innocent leaders and members of the group in the case known as

Ibrahim Mounir: Muslim Brotherhood Determined to End Coup

 Ibrahim Mounir, Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman, said the group would not abandon its role rejecting the military coup in Egypt, until the full ouster of general Sisi’s repressive regime, even if

Pro-Democracy Egypt National Alliance Calls “Stand Steadfast” Peaceful Protest Week

We still live the memories of August 2013, where horrific massacres executed in cold blood by coup junta forces claimed the lives of thousands of martyrs – as more Egyptians

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Marks Rabaa Massacre Fourth Anniversary

On the fourth anniversary of the bloodiest and most horrific massacre in Egypt’s modern history, the Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) affirms that it is no time for silent

Egypt National Alliance Calls “Rabaa Massacre Continues” Peaceful Protest Week

Four lean years have passed since the horrific Rabaa and Nahda massacres – the massacres of the century. Four years, but the vengeful blood-spilling has not stopped. Four years of

Message from Muslim Brotherhood Leader Dr Mohamed Abdel-Rahman to Members and Supporters

To all members of the Muslim Brotherhood… Our pledge and mission – our "brotherhood in God" compels us to move to support our brothers and our leaders, and to go

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Urges Action to Save Egypt

The foolish policies currently followed by the treacherous military coup commanders, and their disregard for the extremely difficult living conditions of the people, have reached a dangerous level that threatens

Egypt Military Junta Executes in 3 Years More Egyptians Than Previous 100 Years

On World Day Against the Death Penalty, a human rights group urges the world community to help persuade the military-appointed government in Egypt to implement a moratorium on the death

Muslim Brotherhood Remembers Mansoura Massacre of Women, Girls in Peaceful Protest

 Today (Wednesday), we mark the third anniversary of the Mansoura massacre of women and girls (of July 20, 2013), which claimed the lives of four women and girls, and injured