Morsi Supply Minister Bassem Ouda: Never Sold Off Any Egyptian Islands! Why Am I in

Symbols of Egypt's January 2011 Revolution are seen – and heard – Tuesday in a court session in their trial, the so-called Rabaa Sit-In case, in which heavily-armed coup forces

National Alliance Calls ‘Sisi is Burning Egypt’ Popular Protest Week

A statement from the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance condemns the fascist Sisi regime's torching of Egypt and calls mass demonstrations on Friday.

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Thousand Days Since Coup Massacre of Rabaa Peaceful Protesters

To the patriotic Egyptian people… to the proud prisoners of conscience in coup jails… to Egypt’s revolutionaries in the streets, homes and everywhere… One thousand days have passed since the

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Enough’ Friday, Reminding: Rabaa Rights Will Not Die

Urging more demonstrations to protest coup regime repression and failings, Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition says its initiative for revolutionary unity (without abandoning martyrs' rights) is still open for all patriotic parties,

Rights Organization: Political Prisoner Mohamed Abdel-Ghani Suffers Slow Death in Coup Jail

Shehab Center for Human Rights warns that brutal coup regime practice of deliberately killing dissidents with methodical medical neglect is a heinous crime with no statute of limitations.

Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance: Returning to Liberty Squares

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Cairo announces 40 meeting points around the capital for Egyptians to gather and launch mass anti-coup rallies.

Students Against the Coup Urges Revolutionary Unity to Mark January 25 Anniversary

A statement from anti-coup students movement SAC exhorts all patriotic Egyptians to join hands and actively participate in a huge wave of peaceful protests to oust the repressive military junta

Anti-Coup Alliance in Sharqeya Condemns Brutal Security Raid of President Morsi Birthplace Adwa

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Egypt's Sharqeya Province pledges peaceful protests and resistance until end of repressive military rule, despite Friday's brutal security raid on Adwa village by Interior Ministry and army

Appeal Court Orders Retrial for Muslim Brotherhood Chairman in Rabaa Operations Room Case

An Egyptian appellate court accepts legal challenges against politicized life imprisonment and death sentences issued earlier against Dr Badie and 37 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders in one case.

Anti-Coup Youth Movement Vows Return to Liberty Squares, Crushing Protest Wave

Egypt's youth against the coup movement urges all patriots to join an escalating revolt that should pave the way for a decisive victory over the coup regime in January 2016.