Rachel Corrie


Rachel Corrie’s family meet daughter’s killer in court

A court hearing will be held next Thursday to listen to the testimonies of witnesses in the death of American activist Rachel Corrie, who was killed in cold blood by

Jewish Boat to Gaza boarded by Israeli forces and taken toward Ashdod port

The Irene, a boat carrying nine passengers and aid for Gaza's population has been taken over by the Israeli navy and denied access to Gaza.

Israeli navy storms ship Irene, takes it to Ashdod port

Israeli marines on Tuesday boarded and took control of the Gaza-bound aid ship "Irene", operated by Jewish human rights activists.

Israeli authorities bent on barring Jewish aid ship to Gaza

Israeli authorities announced that they are determined to stop the Irene boat carrying Jewish activists from landing in the Gaza Strip in an official attempt to break the siege imposed

Olympia Food Co-op removes Israeli goods from shelves; first US store to institute boycott

The Olympia Food Co-op Board of Directors has decided to boycott Israeli goods at their two locations in Olympia, Washington. At a July 15th meeting packed with Co-op members, the

Muslim Brotherhood’s opinion in a newsletter regarding Shura elections and Freedom Flotilla

The past few days have witnessed tragic incidents at home, with the worst case of fraud taking place in the mid-term Shura Council elections in Egypt in what has become

Unanimous call for Israel to withdraw from occupied lands

In a unanimous vote, leaders from the Middle East and Asia criticised Israel ’s attacks on the Turkish aid ship Miva Marmara which was headed for Gaza

MV Rachel Corrie prisoners to arrive home tomorrow

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign has just recieved word that the five Irish prisoners from the MV Rachel Corrie, which was hijacked yesterday by Israeli forces, are due to arrive

Greek witness: Israeli forces killed Turkish activist to stop media broadcast

An activist from Greece who was on board the Freedom Flotilla which carried aid to the Gaza Strip and later became subjected to Israel's acts of piracy, accused Israel's naval

George Galloway announces new convoys to break the siege of Gaza

Viva Palestina, the International Committee to break the Siege on Gaza and any allies who will join us will organize the two convoys