Al-Azhar Initiative to Halt Ongoing Violence in Egypt

Translation of the full text of Al-Azhar document renouncing violence, seeking common ground among rivals across the Egyptian political spectrum, and recognizing dialogue as the only way to resolve difference

Arab Forum Calls For Russia and China Boycott

Vehemently condemning the brutal Syrian regime's atrocities against the people, the Arab Solidarity Forum expressed its deepest regret and strong condemnation to the suffering of the Syrian people, amid Arab

Israel’s right-wing future

Lawrence Davidson analyses the growth of fascism in Israel, arguing that this process “did not begin ... with 1967 and the taking of the occupied territories. It did not even

U.S. Authorities: Vandalism at a California mosque hate crime

A group called American Nationalist Brotherhood claimed responsibility for the attacks of vandalism at a mosque in Madera California in what was described as a 'hate crime' by local officials.

US commander warns of consequences of burning Quran

General David Petraeus has warned that the scheduled plans by an American church to burn copies of the holy Quran would endanger the lives of US troops.

Centre for Human Rights says Hatred against Muslims Sweeping West

The Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Countering Anti-Discrimination has recently issued a report titled "lost rights and a wasted dignity”.

Islamophobia reaches its peak with protests against mosque construction

Recent protests calling to stop the construction of a large mosque on a quiet residential street in Brooklyn, other parts in the US and Europe have been faced by much

A. Sivanandan: Fighting anti-Muslim Racism

IRR News spoke to one of the foremost analysts of racism and Black struggle as to how to meet the contemporary challenge of anti-Muslim racism. Should we look at Islamophobia

On the Not Mosque at Not Ground Zero

The anti-Muslim movement is a curious blend of old-fashioned racism, naive nativism, fear, and the brute, thuggish rage that infects a diseased minority in every generation and finds its scapegoat

Muslim attacked and “beaten to a pulp” in Brooklyn; Is it a hate crime?

Was it a hate crime or something else? That’s the question surrounding the savage beating of a Brooklyn man in broad daylight this weekend.