Rafiq Habib


Rafiq Habib: Pro-Democracy National Alliance Non-Violence Foils Junta Civil War Plot

Dr. Habib, Christian thinker, praises the anti-coup coalition for averting civil war and turning foes into friends.

Rafiq Habib: Civil Disobedience Calls Attempt to Dodge Democratic Entitlement, Elections

According to Coptic Christian thinker Habib, Egypt opposition calls to civil disobedience, boycotting parliamentary elections and setting absurd preconditions for serious dialogue are a futile attempt to avert and undermine

Rafiq Habib: Muslim Brotherhood No Threat to Gulf States

According to Dr. Rafiq Habib, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is by no means a threat to Gulf governments; but they should heed the revolution’s principles of freedom, democracy, equality and human

Morsi to Egyptian Christians at Home and Abroad: Egypt One Homeland for All

Egyptian President Morsi congratulates Christians on New Year 2013 and assures Copts at home and abroad that Egypt is indeed one homeland for all.

Rafiq Habib: Violence in Egypt Product of Secular-Old Guard Alliance

Coptic thinker Habib reiterates that the current wave of wanton violence, arson and destruction plaguing Egypt is the result of certain secular parties joining hands with former-regime loyalists and leftovers.

Habib: Constitution Opponents Ultimately Fear Ballot-box

Freedom and Justice Party’s former Vice-Chairman Habib points that opponents of Egypt’s new constitution know they do not have the power to persuade people and win them over, and are

Rafiq Habib: Egypt Secular Forces Shun Western-Style Democracy

According to Coptic thinker and Freedom and Justice Party Vice-Chairman Habib, Arab Spring democracy is Islamist par excellence, something which Egyptian secularists are inadvertently aiding.

Freedom and Justice Party Endeavors for Broader, Stronger Consensus in Charter-Writing Assembly

Egyptian Coptic thinker Rafiq Habib affirms FJP accepts many others’ visions and ideas, in pursuit of more harmony and greater consensus in constitution-drafting panel.

Egyptian President Morsi Appoints 4 Assistants and 17 Advisers in His Presidential Team

Ikhwanweb publishes full names of Mohamed Morsi’s presidential team, which – in its first phase – includes a woman university professor and a Christian intellectual among 4 assistants, as well

Rafiq Habib: Accusing Election Winner of Dominating Politics Most Absurd

The Freedom and Justice Party’s Coptic Vice-Chairman Habib finds it illogical that election losers demand to share power with the winner or cry foul.