Rashad Bayoumi


Eight Muslim Brotherhood, Other Leaders Moved to High-Security Prison, in Violation of Law

The military ‘democracy’ in Egypt shows as much respect for the law as it did for the Constitution, transferring 8 Islamist leaders to the toughest jail in the country, pending

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders and Morsi Supporters under Military Coup Repression

Coup authorities issue arrest warrants for top Freedom and Justice Party leaders, while they claim to seek broad-based national consensus.

Muslim Brotherhood: Prosecution of Supporters Reminds of Mubarak Repressive Regime

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie expresses relentless determination and resolve to defeat the treacherous, ruinous coup in Egypt, despite the waves of vengeful persecution by authorities.

Muslim Brotherhood: Mubarak Regime Mobs Leading Attempts to Overthrow Elected President

Brotherhood vows to commit to peaceful response to any violence committed by opposition on June 30 anniversary of President Morsi’s first year in office.

Muslim Brotherhood Students Acknowledge Roles of Former Group Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students produced a documentary film highlighting the history of the group’s members. The film, which was screened during the MB’s First Student Conference in Cairo Saturday,

MB accuses deposed Mubarak and regime of murder and torture

Muslim Brotherhood's top defense lawyer Abdel Monem Abdel Maqsoud, has stated that the MB is preparing a file of the violations committed by a number of state security leaders against

21, 000 signatures on MB petition supporting ElBaradei’s demand for reform

The Muslim Brotherhood's online petition has seen the number of signatures rise to over 21,000 by Egypt ’s largest political opposition group and their websites' visitors.