Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Unity on January 25 Revolution Anniversary

The Muslim Brotherhood recognizes its mistakes –trusting the loyalty of the military council and the fairness of the judiciary – and exhorts all Egyptians to unite in selfless devotion to

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Fraudulent Results of Sham Referendum

As officials report grossly exaggerated 'Yes' counts (sometimes higher than total province populations), poll monitors in Egypt and abroad slam rigged results of the putschists' illegitimate vote on the junta's

Pro-Democracy Alliance: Boycott of Coup Charter Proves People Devotion to January 25 Revolution

The coalition of parties and movements opposed to the military coup in Egypt call on all citizens to continue the evidently effective boycott of the sham referendum on the junta's

Anti-Coup Detainees in Junta Jails Start January 14 and 15 Hunger Strike

Joining the anti-coup, pro-democracy activities, even while held hostage in the junta's jails in Egypt, political detainees go on hunger strike on the days of the sham referendum on the

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Complete Boycott of Sham Referendum

As junta generals in Egypt prepare for a new cold-blooded massacre that may impact all segments of society, the pro-legitimacy coalition warns coup masterminds against the use of excessive violence,

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Referendum Boycott Week of Peaceful Protest

Anti-coup coalition of parties and movements defending constitutional and electoral legitimacy in Egypt calls 'Fail False Vote' week of escalating non-violent defiance.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Tenth of Ramadan Anniversary

Marking the 1973 Egyptian victory, on the 10th day of Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan, the Brotherhood affirms that the brave Egyptian army will never support a heinous traitorous coup.

Erian: Return of Legitimacy Only Start-point for Executable Road Map

FJP deputy chief Erian reaffirms complete rejection of coup-birthed, military-controlled political process, at the same time calling for even more massive peaceful protests, marches, rallies and sit-ins across Egypt.

Law Experts: President Morsi Victory-Challenge Illegal

Ignoring all rules, laws, constitutional articles and established principles, a court in Egypt accepts a complaint from failed presidential candidate Shafiq challenging Morsi’s election victory.

Beltagy: Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Harmonious, Consensual Alliances

FJP leader Beltagy affirms that the party is on the look-out for election and political coalitions that work harmoniously, starting with negotiations that are free from pre-conditions and limitations.