Eighty-Eight Years On, Muslim Brotherhood Stands Steadfast As Ever – for Freedom, Reform

Eighty-eight years have passed since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood on March 22, 1928 at the hands of Imam Hassan Al-Banna. The group started amidst major historical and political

Human Rights in the UAE – The Huffington Post

The UAE. A place famous for tax-free shopping, stunning feats of construction and beautiful beaches. So much so that one million Britons visit each year. Scratch beneath the aesthetics of

Jordan’s MB: Reform requires public pressure

Jordan is currently witnessing the run up to elections for parliament amid boycotts by the popular Islamist group and Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front.

As Police Crack Down on Egyptian Campuses, a Recent Court Ruling May Force Reform

Hassan Nafaa is a frequent critic of the Egyptian government who coordinates several political-reform campaigns.

Egypt :Arresting 15 for Distributing Flyers Calling for Reform And Democracy

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed today deep resentment of arresting 15 citizens in Alexandria for distributing and posting publications calling citizens for signing political reform demands.

A dream deferred?

MOHAMED ELBARADEI's return to Egypt in February was greeted with wild enthusiasm in Egypt's independent press, which was swift to pin long-held hopes for reform on the former chief of

MB reform demand petition gathers 16, 000 signatures to date

The Muslim Brotherhood's online campaign launched by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie to gather signatures in support of the National Association for Change's "Seven Demands for Reform" charter has proved to

Reform tops MB Chairman’s meeting with NAC coordinator

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie. met with the General Coordinator of the National Association for Change (NAC), Dr. Hassan Nafaa, to discuss further measures for their call for change

ElBaradei and MB assert large numbers equal change

The former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei's emergence to lead a movement demanding reform from President Hosni Mubarak's government, with the support of political opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood has

Interview with Essam al-Arian, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau

The Brotherhood announced that we will not have a candidate in the 2011 presidential election. We will wait for the names of the actual candidates and study their platforms before