Brotherhood’s Students Commemorate the World Student Day

>Students of the Muslim Brotherhood call on the world students to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the World Student Day on February, 21st, under the motto of ’ the Student

Experts: the Muslim Brotherhood Adheres to Reform

A group of political experts asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood made concrete steps towards reform via adopting a public-concern agenda.

El-Arian: the Brotherhood’s MPs Deal with any Government

Essam el-Arian, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, asserted that the new cabinet reshuffle will not be able to produce real economical reform without fulfilling true political reform in

Mubark Vows Political and Legislative Reforms

The Egyptian President, Muhammad Mubark, promised to perform numerous political and legislative reforms. Acknowledging vote irregularities, he added that these negative aspects come under the general designed plan of political,

Controlled Reform in Egypt: Neither Reformist nor Controlled

>Drawn out over five weeks in November and December 2005, Egypt’s parliamentary elections gripped a country normally jaded about formal politics -- and produced some surprising results.

Real dialogue” with the regime on political reform

The second round of Egypt’s legislative elections has consolidated the banned Muslim Brotherhood as the country’s main opposition force, a trend likely to raise the pressure for some form of