Brotherhood Elections, Arrests

Dr. Muhammad Badi’ is the new Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an announcement made by his predecessor during a news conference on January 16.

MB youth speak out with public statement

CAIRO: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has been embroiled in a recent media battle over the internal workings of the organization. This has led to a constant stream of reports that there

Announcing POMED’s 2009 Emerging Leaders for Democracy Conferences

POMED is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our upcoming series of conferences in the Middle East.

Reformists Win Elections of Cairo University Teaching Club

"University Professors For the Sake of Reform" slate that includes Islamists won the two-year term elections of Cairo University teaching club, held on Friday evening; the slate that won included

Profile of Some MB Detainees Referred To Military Courts (Salah Al Desouki and others)

The following are more profiles of Muslim Brotherhood iconic figures who have been referred to a military tribunal according to the unjust decision of the Egyptian dictator Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

MB Bloc Calls For Parliament To Investigate Al Azhar Events

The Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc denounced the regime’s latest security crackdown that led to arresting 140 students and professors of Al-Azhar University in one day; the bloc demanded forming a

Judges’ Club Vows To Continue Reformist Agenda: Mekki

Daily Al Masry Al Youm had an all inclusive interview with judge Ahmed Mekki, the deputy chief justice of the Court of Cassation and a prominent figure in the Judges