A Talk with Iran’s Dawa and Reform Group SecGen Abdulrahman Mohammad Birani

Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- Abdulrahman Mohammad Birani, secretary general of Dawa and Reform Group in Iran, has said that his group is not a part of the International Organization of the

MB’s Opinion, We must stand united with the rest of the national political powers against

Current events taking place in the political arena of both Egypt and the Middle East have revealed that the call for justice and reform are widespread.

Egypt’s Brotherhood Elects New Executive Body

CAIRO – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest opposition group, elected Monday, December 21, a new executive body dominated by conservatives, a move seen as a coup d’etat against the

The End of Brotherly Love?

The Egyptian context will impose on all political factions to take a stand in the next presidential elections and thus push the Muslim Brotherhood to clearly determine its views of

This Is What Democracy Might Look Like!

Khalil al-Anani’s recentish article on the young reformists of the Muslim Brotherhood, and particularly the desire, expressed in the article and elsewhere,

“Labors’ Union Seeks To Exclude Our Candidates” MB Says

The Muslim Brotherhood candidates for the coming Labors’ Union election released a statement October 19, 2006, lashing out at the Egyptian Union for targeting the Muslim Brotherhood candidates.

Egypt: MB Platform For Labor Union Elections

As the Workers’ Union election is drawing near, all workers live  a wait and see state of affairs, with debates and questions among them as to how free and fair