Muslim Brotherhood: Mubarak Regime Mobs Leading Attempts to Overthrow Elected President

Brotherhood vows to commit to peaceful response to any violence committed by opposition on June 30 anniversary of President Morsi’s first year in office.

Obama’s half-hearted efforts for Egyptian democracy

Since Obama brought up the need for "a vibrant civil society, open political President Mubarak’s regime has done exactly the opposite of what Obama asked.

Egyptian polls debated in Washington

The next month’s Egyptian legislative elections continue to be the focus of attention in policy debates in the US capital. Last week, a panel of Egyptian and American experts convened

Police intimidate protestors arresting 20

A Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria is expected to deliver a verdict on October 17 on the trial for an appeal filed by the Alexandrian activist Hassan Mustafa convicted of beating

Opposition arrested during campaigns defying Mubarak’s pledges

The ruling regimes suppression continues as it employs the security forces to arrest political opposition

Mubarak evades queries on successor

Egypt's 82 year old President Mubarak was bombarded with questions regarding his successor by press reporters during his visit to Italy on Wednesday

State security continue thwarting campaigns with arrests and detentions

State security in Mansoura intercepted a peaceful campaign led by the Muslim Brotherhood Shura candidate Rashad Abdul Hamid.

MB confirms participation in elections despite anticipated rigging

Egypt's popular opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood has confirmed that 12 of its 14 candidates have been approved to run for the upcoming Shura elections scheduled for June 1.

Khairat Al-Shater, 10 years in prison, is it not time to set him free?

I still remember the first time that I wrote condemning the wave of brutal detentions targeting the best sons of the nation and I did not imagine that day that

Opposition goes online to demand change

Opposition supporters have directed efforts utilizing the services technology offers as a political alternative