MB Chairman: Islam acknowledges laborers hard work and toil

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), called upon workers on Labor Day to preserve the values of Islam and act upon it.

MB Morsy demands NDP Shura candidate withdraw questioning validity

Dr Mohamed Morsy from the Muslim Brotherhood's executive bureau deplored the unethical measures practiced by the ruling regime's NDP regarding the upcoming Shura elections.

Netanyahu will be pleased. Now UK has an upper-class coalition “fagging” for Israel

Stuart Littlewood views the Zionist roots of Britain’s senior coalition party, the Conservatives, especially its leader David Cameron and the foreign secretary, William Hague, both self-confessed Israel stooges.

Egypt: 8 MB supporters arrested in Minya’s pre-dawn arrests

The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to field candidates in the upcoming Shura elections has apparently angered authorities who had hoped to secure the Shura council for the NDP party.

Muslim Brotherhood opinion on Egypt ‘s current situation

Muslim Brotherhood's regard to respecting advice necessitated by the divine law and obligations called on by national duty leads the group to recall on all who care.

MB trial starts with members in absentia

The trial of four Egyptians and a Saudi national charged with money laundering is expected to begin on June 14 at the emergency High State Security Court .

Opposition and workers unite in call for political change

In an unprecedented union of political activists and workers Cairo 's streets in Egypt witnessed loud opposition

When will the opposition overcome its chronic weaknesses?

We all want to see genuine presidential elections in 2011 when, for the first time in the country's history, Egyptians should be able choose their president from among a list

A Pharaonic regime and an unknown future

It’s possible that running away from a confrontation might delay it for some time, but it can never resolve it. It’s also possible that avoiding a problem can exacerbate it

My advice to ElBaradei

Mohamed ElBaradei is a poised figure with a real presence on the political scene, but I don't think his opponents are aware of his value.