Basyouny: Judges’ authorities must be restored if any participation in elections is to take place.

Chancellor Ismail Basyouny President of the Judiciary Club has asserted in a statement to Ikhwanonline that the judiciary will not participate in the supervision of the up-coming elections.

Political Regime In Middle East Creates Favorable Condition For Emergence Of Islamic Movements: Expert

Political regimes in the Middle East create favorable conditions for the emergence of Islamic movements, Professor at the Michigan University, Expert on political Islam, Mohammed Ayyoub, said in his speech

MP Criticizes Human Rights Organizations’ Negligence Of MB Detainees

MP Sobhy Saleh (Secretary of the Geographical Sectors of the MB Parliamentary Bloc) has stressed that the Egyptian organisations have political agendas with the Egyptian regime which makes them avoid

Security Arrest Ain Shams Students, Prevent Press Coverage

The security apparatus arrested a number of student leaders in Ain Shams University including commerce student Ahmed Abdel-Mon’em Abul-Futuh, Ahmed Samir, an activist in the Student’s Rights Defense Committee, and

Monem’s Detention Extended 15 More Days

As expected, the Prosecutor at Shobra El-Khyma district extended detention for journalist and blogger Abdel Monem Mahmoud another 15 days