Egypt 6th April Aftermath: Interior Ministry floods newspapers with lies

The interior ministry started its statement with an unashamed lie, saying that the police acted violently only after being hit by stones.

MB Deputy Chairman Ezzat and his colleagues leaving for home

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and high ranking leaders who were leveled with false accusations have been issued release orders.

Relatives of prisoners stage solidarity sit-in

Relatives of prisoners and representatives of a number of concerned institutions took part in the rally where participants displayed photos of prisoners and called for their release.

Interior Ministry defies release order of ill MB detainee adding to its already black list

The Interior Ministry had challenged the prosecutor's decision and issued a decision to re-arrest him.

Press Release: Syrian Intelligence arrrest minor.

The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Syria revealed the arrest of Tal Dawser al-Mallouhi a young Arab girl whose only crime was her love for her country.

Egypt releases Cairo bombing suspects

The Egyptian government has ordered the release of 7 people who allegedly took part in the Cairo bombing of a local market in February 2009, which left one French teenager

MB MP demands immediate release of Security hostages

An urgent statement to the Minister of Interior demands the immediate release of the state security's most recent hostages.

Tunisia: Violates journalists freedom of speech and opinion with continued detentions

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said ,today, that the Tunisian government is still insisting on violating freedom of opinion and expression and resorting to illegal practices to prevent

Secretary Gates signs order barring release of torture photos

Pursuant to new powers delegated to him by Congress, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has executed an order blocking the release of photos depicting the torture of detainees.

Release of Dr Aboul Fotouh.

In an urgent news release "Ikhwanweb" the official English Muslim Brotherhood website posts the news that State Security decided on the release of Dr Abdul Monem Aboul Fotouh Secretary General