Relief Convoy


MB aid convoy sets off for Gaza

After both national and international condemnation of the Israeli massacre on the freedom flotilla citizens have been driven to call louder for the siege on Palestine to be lifted.

Khudari: Gaza is still under siege, Freedom Flotilla on humanitarian mission

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, has retorted to Israeli claims that Gaza Strip was not besieged, saying that Gaza has been under strict

European campaign: The Freedom Flotilla to sail as scheduled

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza has condemned the Israeli threats to block the Freedom Flotilla.

Break siege ships to head to Turkey, Greece then Gaza, Khudari hails step

European vessels loaded with relief material to the Gaza Strip would first head to Greece and Turkey in mid May to group with other boats boarded by solidarity activists en

Khudari describes Ellison’s statement as positive

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, on Monday welcomed the statements of American congressman Keith Ellison at conclusion of his visit to Gaza Strip.

Khudari: The uprising of ships to be renewed by int’l relief foundations

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, stated Saturday that different Turkish and European humanitarian organizations agreed in Istanbul to revive the uprising of aid

Turkish initiated aid convoy heads to Gaza in April

The Turkish humanitarian relief foundation IHH said it is making big preparations for sending an aid convoy composed of 20 ships from Istanbul port to the besieged Gaza Strip next

Khudari: Lifeline solidarity message

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, has described the lifeline-3 aid convoy as a message of solidarity from the world sympathizers to Gaza.

Galloway: More convoys expected from Venezuela, South Africa, Malaysia

British MP George Galloway has vowed that more aid convoys would be organized for Gaza from Venezuela, South Africa and Malaysia.

Haneyya hails Turkish, Libyan leaderships for their support of Palestine

Ismail Haneyya, the Palestinian premier, has appreciated the Turkish and Libyan support and assistance for the Palestinian people and cause especially during the Israeli war on Gaza and after it.