Islam Hussein: Role of Religion in Liberal Society

*I would first like to thank the editors at Ikhwanweb for giving a liberal, not belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, the opportunity to express a liberal view on an issue

Prophet’s last sermon guiding Muslims centuries later

As his death drew near, the Prophet Muhammad delivered one final, powerful sermon to the young Muslim community, advising them on how to conduct their affairs after his physical leadership

Muslims: The threat from within

Contrary to the relatively recent but widespread fiction, Islam took roots and spread in much of South Asia not at gunpoint.

Gülen movement raises a new renaissance generation

“In Gülen, you do not just find a dialogue between Gülen and Plato or Gülen and Confucius. Gülen is an intellectual that has been able to attribute this dialogue to

Budhist-Muslim dialogue conference ends amiably

A 3-Day International conference on Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue at Leh was inaugurated by the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre in, Leh Taiwan in collaboration with Global Family for Love & Peace and

Religion And Terrorism

Presentation made by Dr Shabir Choudhry at a Seminar arranged by Interfaith International during 13th Session of the UN Humans Rights Council in Geneva.

What Islam is all about.

Dalia Mogahed talks to Gihan Shahine about bridging the gap between the US and the Muslim world.

Religion and Media

Back to Religion editor conducts an interview with Kamran Pasha, writer and filmmaker, on religion and its relation with media.

Did Not I tell You !!??

As I have expected MBs in the parliament are rejecting and fighting Beyonce concert in Port Ghalib this weekend reopening a debate about raising similar issues in the parliament.

Intolerance shows ignorance of Islam

Nowadays, the more "religious" some Muslims regard themselves to be, the less tolerant they are. The cause is a troubling intellectual decline of the Islamic civilization.