Religious Freedom


Islamic Organizations in France Demand the French Review the Niqab Ban Law

President of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France described the implementation of the law banning the niqab in public places as a law that encourages secularism that is based

New Culture Minister: MB peaceful and moderate group

Newly appointed Culture Minister Mohamed Abdel-Moneim El Sawy has denied rumours about his affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Top Egyptian Cleric Denounces Pope Benedict’s Double Standards

During a press conference Al-Azhar’s Grand Cleric Ahmed Al-Tayeb denounced Pope Benedict XVI’s biased reaction to the blast in Alexandria questioning why he didn’t ask for the Muslims to be

Egyptian Government Dismisses US Concerns on Elections and Opposes Report on Religious Freedom

US Ambassador, Margaret Scobey repeated the US Department's calls for transparency during Egypt’s parliamentary elections Monday. She stressed the significance of international monitoring with international monitors.

Egypt Rejects US Criticism on Religious Freedom

The US State Department's condemnations on Egypt's religious freedom was not met with lightly after officials stressed that the US was in no position to liberally make a judgment on

How is Islam the Solution?: Constitutional Visions of Contemporary Islamists

Kristen Stilt, How is Islam the Solution?: Constitutional Visions of Contemporary Islamists (May 20, 2010). Texas International Law Journal, Forthcoming; Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 10-22. Available at SSRN

After Cairo: From the Vision of the Cairo Speech to Active Support for Human Dignity.

The election of President Obama offers a genuine opportunity to repair the badly damaged image of the United States in the Middle East.

IUMS Statement on the Swiss Minarets Ban

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon Allah's Messenger and upon his family, Companions and all those who follow his guidance.

Bent on Confusing the Public about Islam :: The Far Right Exploits Rifaq Bary’s Case

The Center for Security Policy (CSP) published recently an article on Rifqa Bary who converted to Christianity and ran away from her family with the help of an evangelical group

The Muslim Brotherhood Marks New Islamic Year and Coptic Christmas

Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and the entire Executive Council, extend their warmest greetings to the Orthodox Christians in Egypt and throughout the world during their