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Mubarak Loyalists Attempt to Trigger Sectarian Strife in a Bid to Smear Morsi Campaign in

Egypt’s old guard loyalists escalate their actions against the revolutionaries and the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, resorting to last-ditch heinous acts of lawlessness, violence and

Dr. Morsi Meets People of Banha; Pledges Progress and Prosperity

The presidential campaign of Dr. Morsi makes a stop in Banha – in the heart of Qaliubiya province, in north-eastern Egypt; assures that there is no going back to the

Morsi Presidential Campaign Announces New Slogan, New Spirit for Start of New Phase

Egyptian presidential contender, Dr. Morsi, shifts his campaign into higher gear for the upcoming runoff in the race for Egypt’s top post, with a new motto aimed to encourage people

Morsi’s Campaign: We Will Tread More Firmly on Path from Despotism to Democracy

Together the people, united, will stem the tide of counter-revolution and defeat old guard holdovers desperately endeavoring to replicate the former regime at any cost.

Press Release No. 11 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Morsi’s campaign calls upon all stakeholders in Egypt to join hands and do their best endeavors to save their revolution, along with the homeland and the people from a re-production

Press Release No. 6 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Egyptian electorate turnout on Thursday is reported to be noticeably higher than Wednesday, while long lines have been stretching for miles around some polling places.

Press Release No. 1 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

As day one of Egypt’s first free and fair presidential elections ever rolls out, some violations and irregularities are reported, and the Freedom and Justice Party contender in the race

Egypt’s New President Must Re-Unite People

Ahead of this week's presidential elections in Egypt, the BBC News website has asked four Egyptians with contrasting political opinions to express their hopes and fears. Khaled Hamza is editor-in-chief

The Brotherhood’s Dr. Ghozlan Sees No Obstacle to Appointing Copt or Woman Vice-President of Egypt

Seeking a tremendous transformation for Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to accept expert opinions and suggestions from all Egyptians in modifying their Nahda (Renaissance) Project.

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Presidential Elections

Translation of Egypt’s Brotherhood and FJP statement regarding the country’s first post-revolution presidential elections just one week away, with voting already started for Egyptians abroad.