Brotherhood’s Aref: National Harmony a Patriotic, Historic Duty for Egypt Renaissance

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood agrees with former PM of Malaysia, reaffirming its commitment to achieving national accord as a necessary element in effecting real progress and rejuvenation.

Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Opposition Dialogue with Presidency; Keen on Legal Status

The Brotherhood welcomes the opposition’s change of heart and its offer for dialogue with the Presidential institution, highlighting the need for genuine dialogue without conditions or restrictions.

Four-Axis Presidential Project to Build Modern Egypt

A special presidential team prepares for the launch of many comprehensive national development projects for all citizens across Egypt, soon.

Yasser Ali: President Morsi European Tour to Attract Investments

Towards the end of next week, Egypt’s first elected President Morsi visits Belgium and Italy, seeks to encourage European businesses to come to Cairo for great investment opportunities.

Economy Expert: Qatari Grant Speeds Recovery of National Economy

After meeting with Egypt’s President Morsi in Cairo on Saturday, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani announces a deposit of US$2 billion in the country’s Central Bank to bolster

Freedom and Justice Leader Condemns Hospital Closures, Death of Central Cairo Patients

A large number of Egyptian patients die, with Cairo’s main hospitals closed, following thug attacks on emergency department receptions, as security personnel fail to show up.

Beltagy: Extended Dialogue Among Revolutionary Forces for Real All-Embracing Partnership

Freedom and Justice party reaches out to all parties, groups and movements across Egypt’s revolutionary and political spectrum, seeking a powerful broad alliance in the face of tyrannical forces of

Al-Shater: Morsi Win an Important Step towards New Political System

The Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader reaffirms that the current phase of Egypt’s precarious democratic transformation requires the people to be alert and aware as ever, a strong broad-based government and

Morsi Aims to Increase Number of Tourists Visiting Egypt to 20 Million

Presidential contender Morsi assures tourism workers of greater focus on their problems, and pledges tremendous development for the whole industry, with a promise of raising number of tourists to twenty

MP Suleiman: Runoff Results Prove Egyptians Abroad Refuse Old Regime Replication

With runoff counts of Egyptian expats’ ballots nearly finished, Morsi wins a landslide victory in the presidential elections, which some see as an indication of results to expect in voting