Urgent Call for the Release of Abdul Hafeez Abdulrahman and Nadira Abdu

SHRC calls for the immediate release of the two activists in Syrian prisons and interrogation centres.

LIBYA: Progress reverse with crackdown on media

“We firmly condemn these arrests and the campaign that has been waged since the start of the year against Libyan media that dare to criticise abuses in the system,”

Detention of 4 JOURNALISTS in Benghazi – Libya

Libyan government arrested Good Evening Benghazi team including Ahmed Almgasabi, Khaled Ali, Muftah El Gabaily , and Suleiman El Gabaily

Yemen: Opposition newspaper reporter murdered in northwest

Mohammed Shu’i Al-Rabu’i, a correspondent for several news media including the opposition newspaper Al-Qahira, was gunned down on 13 February in the district of Beni Qais (in the governorate of

The Internet killing the freelance journalist

Aspiring freelance journalists came to Egypt and the Middle East in abundance in recent years, but with the continued fast-paced Internet age, timing has become vitally important for news organizations

The Supreme Council Of Press In Egypt And The Ministry Of Interior In Morocco Encroach

The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information , ANHRI, strongly resents the governmental decisions taken in both Egypt and Morocco against al Balagh newspaper in Egypt and AKbar Alyoum newspaper

Reprisal Against Reporters Union Legitimate Members in Tunisia.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information , ANHRI, deeply resented the hostile measures taken by the Constitutional Democratic Congress ruling party in Tunisia against the elected board members of