Republican Guard


Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on 5th Anniversary of the “Republican Guard Massacre”

The dawn of July 8th, 2013 will be engraved in human history as the day when the military junta revealed its first bloody faces, marking the start of a black

Egypt Revolution – 18 Days in Tahrir, 18 Months in All Liberty Squares

In 18 months, the mad military junta executed more than 10 massacres, arbitrarily arrested and detained more than 41 thousand protesters, raided the homes of thousands, chased and persecuted thousands

President Mohamed Morsi Court Remarks on his Forced Disappearance

Egypt's legitimate President Morsi reveals some of the details of how the coup commanders detained him illegally in the first days after the coup.

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: A Month Passes Since Rabaa and Nahda Massacres

Cairo – September 16, 2013: A month after their security apparatus massacred peaceful protesters in a violent and vengeful crackdown on Rabaa and Al-Nahda vigils, the loathsome putschists are still

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Calls “People Protect Revolution” Friday September 6

In a statement earlier Thursday, the coalition of coup opponents in Egypt urged all citizens to mass for ‘The people protect the Revolution’ Friday tomorrow.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Rest Or Sleep Until Revolution Reclaimed

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood statement, issued in the early hours of Sunday, says Egyptians will not rest or sleep, after August 30, the "People Reclaim the Revolution" Friday, until they defeat

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls for Boycott Campaign in Preparation for Civil Disobedience

The coalition of groups and movements defending democracy and constitutional legitimacy warns against dragging Egypt into civil war, urging a boycott of hostile military-controlled media and products made by all

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Peaceful Protests Despite Threats to Disperse Sit-Ins

Claiming to have a ‘popular’ mandate to quash anti-coup, pro-democracy sit-ins in Cairo and other governorates across Egypt, the military-installed Cabinet has authorized Ministry of Interior forces to take ‘all

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Regarding General Al-Sisi Speech Wednesday, July 24

Sisi speech reveals bloody, violent intentions of the coup commanders and collaborators, who seek a flimsy ‘popular’ cover for a murderous crackdown on Islamists in Egypt – the military-run police

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Heinous Massacre of Women in Mansoura

A statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemns the latest bloody massacre where hundreds of women were killed and injured by security forces, some of whom dressed as thugs.