National Forces, Topped by Muslim Brotherhood, At Al Azhar on Friday

The Egyptian national forces topped by Muslim Brotherhood are to hold a large rally at Al Azhar Mosque Friday July.21st, 2006, in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people which

Cairo: Day Of Solidarity With Resistance

On Sunday July 17, Cairo witnessed numerous political activities in show of solidarity with the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

Islamic Movement Leaderships condemn Israeli Brutalities Against Palestine and Lebanon

" Do something instead of looking around " This is the essence of a statement released by the leaderships of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoots in seven Arab countries Sunday July.16th,

MB Condemns Israeli Escalations And Targeting Civilians

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt condemned the latest Israeli escalations in Lebanon and its targeting of civilians in Gaza killing more than 23 Palestinians including women and children in one

Hamdan: Hamas and Al Qaeda Are Incompatible

The representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Lebanon, Mr. Osama Hamdan in a statement to Ikhwanweb reaffirmed that Hamas’s vision of resistance is completely different than what Al

Akef Criticizes U.S. Policies And Calls for Muslims Unity

In his speech before the 3rd international conference for supporting Palestinian and Iraqi resistance, the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Mr. M. Akef, criticized the US policies in the region and called

Palestinian Culture Minister-Designate to Ikhwanweb

Ikhwanweb met with Prof.Ata’ullah Abu-Assabh, the Palestinian Culture Minister-Designate, on the margin of “Supporting the Resistance in Palestine and Iraq Conference”, which was held in Cairo from 23 to 26

Palestinian Elections; Good Omens, Challenges and Duties

A Message from Mr. Muhammad Mahdi Akef – Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood.