Erian: Brotherhood will run in all elections

One more item from yesterday's Muslim Brotherhood hearing in Heliopolis: According to El-Shorouk, Essam el-Erian promised that the Brotherhood will participate in all coming elections.

Sourani: Extending Goldstone investigations grave mistake

Palestinian Human Rights stressed disappointment over decision to extend investigations

Abu Zuhri: Uraikat doctrine reflects frustration of negotiators

Verbal clashes in parliament between Hamas spokesman and PA chief negotiator.

IOF wound peaceful activists in anti wall marches

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used rubber bullets and gas canisters to disperse peaceful demonstrations the Palestinian villages of Bilin, Ma'sara and Beit Ummar in the West Bank against the separation

Kandil: Arab scheme to liquidate Palestinian issue .

Famous Egyptian journalist Hamdi Kandil has warned Monday of a vicious scheme between the Arab regimes and the USA to liquidate the Palestinian issue pressuring the Palestinian people into accepting

Hamas: We are keen on achieving national dialogue and on easing obstacles

Hamas Movement has confirmed Saturday that it was and still is keen on achieving national reconciliation, but blamed Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of Fatah faction, for the continued political rift

Has the Muslim Brotherhood project expired?

The question with regard to the future can be deduced by two key points: the first is associated with the personality of the new leader in both organizational and political

In his first weekly statement Badie stresses on the importance of consultation and democracy.

In his statement titled "Praise be to Allah by whose grace there is achievement" Badie commended the former Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef who successfully illustrated these measures where he lead

Dr Mahmoud Hussein appointed Secretary General for the MB in Egypt.

Dr Mohamed Badie Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement has assigned the position of Secretary General for the Movement in Egypt to Dr Mahmoud Hussein. Dr Hussein is a Professor

MB Chairman thanks press for attending and covering conference.

Dr Mohamed Badie expressed his gratitude to the press who covered the conference stressing that he believed that their honest coverage of MB news will continue.