Rigged Elections


Passing the Buck – Who Is to Blame for the Church Bombings?

If it were only an outdated Emergency Law, poverty, rigged elections, corruption, and police brutality, Egypt would be bearable, but now we have terrorist attacks against a minority group and

NDP Holds Seventh Annual Conference

As Saturday was slated for Egypt’s ruling NDP’s annual conference so were opposition groups plans to hold a parallel gathering expected to discuss the country’s parliamentary elections which were marred

NDP Official Begins Party’s Defense with Attack

Safwat El-sheriff the Secretary-General for the ruling National Democratic Party rekindled the party’s attack against the Muslim Brotherhood opposition during an interview on the Mehwar TV satellite channel.

MB leader ascertains group will voice dissent over poll peacefully, legally and constitutionally

Following the farcical parliamentary poll held in Egypt opposition groups have highlighted that it may take its political struggle to the streets in an attempt to expose the ruling regime

NDP MPs Call for the Arrest of members of the “Parallel Parliament”

A senior official of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) continued to issue a mocking and strongly-worded statement about the shadow parliament, which was formed by the opposition and former

Media Attacks by NDP against Parallel Parliament

The National Democratic Party (NDP) is studying a plan to besiege the parallel parliament which was formed by the opposition and former MPs in a clear message objecting to the

Close to 6000 Appeals and Lawsuits Threaten “Fraudulent Parliament”

The number of cases and appeals against the 2010 parliamentary elections reached 4299 lawsuits including 1426 cases in the Supreme Administrative Court alone.

Rigged Election Haunts Egypt’s Stability

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times Egypt is facing many economic, social and institutional challenges undermining its future. This and the political uncertainty that increased with the

Violent Attacks on Media Reported on Egypt’s Black Sunday

Cases of deliberate hindering of journalists trying to cover Egypt’s parliamentary poll November 28 and its runoff December 5 were reported by Reporters without borders on Thursday

Political Powers Discuss the Future of Egypt after Election Fraud

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, spokesman and member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) guidance bureau, stressed that the continued dialogue by the MB chairman on the situation in Egypt will have its